WickerCentral.com Has Expanded Its Line of Furniture

Untitled-1Wicker Central has expanded its line of fine outdoor wicker furniture crafters and designers. Among those that have joined the Wicker Central lineup are: North Cape International, Telescope Casual, White Craft, Tortuga Outdoor and Nuevo Living.

Wicker Central aims to provide all of its customers with a wide range of high quality wicker patio furniture. Presently, Wicker Central offers more than 400 different styles and designs for consumers to select from. While traditional wicker furniture still proves to be extremely popular, today’s consumer also enjoys a splash of contemporary wicker design now and then.

Nuevo Living is Wicker Central’s contemporary connection. This line of clean, sleek, wicker furniture is not only stylish, it is also incredibly durable. Telescope Casual presents consumers with wicker furniture that was meant for everyday lounging, while Boca Rattan is as classic as it gets.

North Cape International, White Craft and Tortuga Outdoor all present contemporary twists on classic wicker design – no matter what kind of indoor/outdoor decor you have in mind, Wicker Central is bound to have what you are looking for.

All of Wicker Central’s items come backed with a 1-5 year guarantee, and all of these items are suitable for indoor and outdoor use (unless otherwise noted). Wicker Central wants to be set apart for its competition by presenting consumers with various options when it comes to resin wicker furniture.

While outdoor wicker furniture used to mean one standardized style, this is no longer the case thanks to Wicker Central. From modern or contemporary wicker furniture to traditional or classic wicker furniture, Wicker Central has over 400 different wicker options for you to choose from.

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